St. Paul’s will mark the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ to God’s right hand again this year with a Procession and Solemn Mass in the Nave at 6:45pm on Thursday, May 26th. Our guest preacher is The Rev. Dr. Anne-Marie Jeffery (Canon for Congregational Vitality, Diocese of Washington).

Musical selections include:

The Music of the Mass: Missa Brevis in D, Benjamin Britten (1913–1976)

Opening Voluntary: A Prayer of St. Gregory, Alan Hovaness (1911–2000)

Hymns: Salve festa dies, St. Magnus, Ach Herr, du allerhöchster Gott, Llanfair

Psalm 47 Plainsong Tone VII.4, sung by the choir

Offertory Motet: God is ascended is ascended in jubilee; Words: From the Mass proper chants of the feast of the Ascension; Music: Kenneth Leighton (1929–1988)

Closing Voluntary: Blow up the Trumpet in the new moon; Sydney Campbell (1909 – 1974), arr. Jeffrey Smith (b. 1961); Trumpet: Anthony Bellino

A brief reception will follow the Mass.

See you in church!

• May 9, 2022