Even in the midst of an historic pandemic, Lent comes. Christ brings us the opportunity to withdraw from the hum and din of the world for a time, to follow Him in body and spirit into the wilderness where we can lay down our burdens and grow in knowledge and fondness of our Lord. We hope that you will take this journey with us through the darkness of Lent as we prepare for Christ’s light on Easter morn.

Lenten Schedule

Mondays in Lent

6pm – Zoom Morning Prayer

Tuesdays in Lent

10am – Low Mass

6pm – Zoom Evening Prayer

Wednesdays in Lent

5:45pm – Zoom Stations of the Cross

6:30pm – Lent Faith Formation

Thursdays in Lent

8am – Zoom Morning Prayer

10am – Low Mass

Saturdays in Lent

11:30am – Low Mass

Sundays in Lent

9am – Zoom Morning Prayer (until weather improves)

10:30am – Parish Mass

Wednesday Evening Formation

The Passion of Christ in Word and Images

Dr. Ian Boxall, Associate Professor of New Testament at Catholic University and widely published author of New Testament commentaries, makes a triumphant return to St. Paul’s for our 2021 Lenten series! Dr. Boxall’s series covers four remaining subjects: Witnesses to the Passion (March 3rd), The Crucifixion (March 10), The Deposition and Burial (March 17), and the Descent to Hades (March 24). Click here at 6:30 on Wednesday nights during Lent beginning next week to access each presentation. Don’t miss it!

Service Opportunities

Jesus calls us to seek and serve Him in all persons, especially the least and lowest in our society (Matthew 25:40). Below are some service projects that we need your help to make happen during Lent.

In-Person Service Opportunities

Of course, St. Paul’s Grate Patrol is still very active, and is always seeking volunteers for food prep during the week (especially on Fridays) and food distribution early Saturday mornings. Please contact Tina Mallett (tmallett14@gmail.com) if you are interested in helping out.

Our brothers and sisters at St. John’s Norwood in Bethesda are collecting and distributing food to those in need. We need the helping hands of three to five parishioners for Friday, March 26th. 

Finally, Catholic Charities Saint Josephine Bakhita Women’s Shelter is running a movie pop-up. They need five of our parishioners on a week night in the latter half of March.

Virtual Service Opportunities

Lent is a wonderful time to practice the discipline of holy listening. We invite any number of parishioners to attend St. Paul’s ANC Monthly Meeting on March 17th and practice this spiritual discipline in communion with our neighbors. You can also attend your own ward’s ANC meeting!

Our neighbors at the Foggy Bottom Food Pantry are always in need of donations. Checks made out to Saint Paul’s with “FBFP” in the memo line will be sent to the Pantry. You can also donate through St. Paul’s online – be sure to indicate that you wish your gift to go to the Pantry. Any donations will be credited toward your year-end giving statement.

St. Paul’s is also exploring the possibility of forming a COVID-19 vaccination task force. We need three to five parishioners who can help other members of the parish navigate the vaccination process.

Finally, we invite you to help St. Paul’s create food packages for Charlie’s Place. Click here to access the ingredient list – you can either assemble the package yourself and drop it off at the church, or you can drop off any necessary ingredients. Packages will be delivered to Charlie’s Place on a weekly basis during Lent.


Interested in any of the above service opportunities? Want to learn more? Please contact either Dylan (dthayer@stpauls-kst.com) or Ethan (deacon@stpauls-kst.com)

• February 19, 2021