Wednesday Evening Fall Formation:

I Will, By God’s Help…

September 20 & 27, October 4 & 11 

5:30pm – Shrine Prayers

5:40pm – Evening Prayer

6pm – Low Mass

6:30pm – Supper & Presentation

Close with Compline no later than 7:45pm

Discipleship is built on vows and promises. At Baptism, Confirmation, and at other sacramental milestones in our lives and liturgical year we make and re-affirm certain promises over and over again:
But what are we promising? How do we keep these vows we constantly make? Over four Wednesday evenings Fr Richard will talk about the ancient obligations at the heart of our tradition, and what they might mean today.
Each session stands alone; please feel free to arrive whenever works best for your schedule.

Joining The Episcopal Church: Confirmation & Reception

Sunday 15th October at 10:30am

Confirmation is a necessary Sacrament wherein the Bishop, a direct descendant of Christ’s Apostles, bestows the empowering gifts of the Holy Ghost for a life of ministry as Christ’s servant. (Anglican Service Book)
Bishop Budde will visit St Paul’s 15th October; this is our opportunity to be Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church, thus becoming full members of St Paul’s.
Confirmation is the sacramental laying on of hands and anointing by a bishop, and a mature affirmation of the promises made on our behalf at Baptism and commitment to faith in Christ. Reception is a path for those who have been Confirmed in sister churches (Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran) who now feel called to the Episcopal Church. Notice that we do not “convert” to Anglicanism – instead, we are “received ” – honouring our journey, and the path that led us to this point.

Path to Confirmation & Reception:

1. Please contact Fr Richard, and also arrange a time to meet with him
2. Attend the four formation sessions described above
3. Volunteer in some way and at least once with our parish Grate Patrol – contact Tina Mallett 
Candidates will be encouraged to pray daily Evening Prayer privately for the four weeks prior to October 15th – this will be supported by the formation sessions. Recommend using the Venite app.
Recommended reading: The Mystery of Faith: Exploring Christian Belief, by John-Francis Friendship 
• August 21, 2023