Stewardship is all that we do with all that we are and all that we have, after we say, “I believe.” Stewardship is not just about raising money; it is how we treat each other and all of God’s creation, as well as how we use and share the time we have available and the talents God has given us.

All members are asked to pledge financial support for the parish as they are able. St. Paul’s derives no operating income from endowments and must meet all its expenses from annual member giving. Our giving to the parish acknowledges that all that we have and all that we are is a gift from God.

As this parish lives out its life from day to day, there are countless examples of nourishment, growth, formation, ministry, and mission where the time and talent of our parishioners are so important. We give our time and talent to ministries within our walls, missions to the wider world, and pastoral care for our members in need. And yes, stewardship is in part about how we use and share the financial resources with which God has entrusted us.

Our series “Stewardship Stories” explores how God has spoken into our lives as individuals and as a community. Click here to learn more.

At St. Paul’s we value gifts of time and talent as well as treasure. We are always looking for ways that our parishioners and neighbors can come together to do Jesus’ work both within our walls and in the larger community. Contact our Parish Coordinator, Dylan Thayer ( to find where God is calling you!

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