Have you missed congregational singing? Parishioners, family, and friends are encouraged to join voices together in our new project, a virtual hymn-sing. Follow the steps to submit your personalized recording, due November 1. We will digitally blend your submission with many others, along with our organ, to recreate the sound of hymn singing in our nave. (Don’t worry: no solos or spotlights!) We will include the names of all who submit recordings in the video credits.

Here’s all you need to do. Follow along step by step:

You will need a phone or computer to record yourself singing, along with a second device (phone or computer) with headphones to listen to the backing track.

First, download the hymn score, which you can access here.

Next, find a quiet place to record.

Then, listen to the backing track with headphones (click here for the backing track).

When you are ready to record, start recording audio only and play the backing track from the beginning. (You may send us video, but we will only use the audio from it.) Make sure to clap on beat 5 of the opening, as indicated in the score and in the backing track. Sing along to the track and do not stop until the backing track ends. This will ensure we can line all the submitted tracks up together during the recording process. When the track finishes, make sure you stop recording.

Listen through your recording and make sure it’s to your liking. If you’re satisfied, you are ready to submit your recording! You can submit your recording here. Make sure to get your recording finished and submitted by November 1!

• October 14, 2020