God speaks into our lives, not just as a church community, but in unique, distinct ways.

This year, many people in our parish have stepped up to boldly proclaim how God has moved in their lives -why they were called to St. Paul’s, why they continue to make this parish their home, and how the work of stewardship gives our community the tools it needs to do what Jesus’ love requires.

We’ll be publishing a new story here each week during stewardship season, so stay tuned!

October 6th –Why St. Paul’s (Kahn Branch)

October 13th –Why St. Paul’s (Elijah Mills)

October 20th – Why St. Paul’s (Drew and Sunny Peterson)

You can also enjoy some of our most moving and popular stewardship films from past pledge cycles below:

 “The Least of These” a short film about St. Paul’s Grate Patrol with Tina Mallett

“St. Paul’s Virtual Hymn Sing” by the parishioners of St. Paul’s